Give away shop in front of the door

السبت, 20 أغسطس

Give away shop in front of the door

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In order to compensate frustrations about tedious work, waste of time, people keep buying worthless things and are not happy about it. In the meantime, mountains of waste are growing, air and water are becoming polluted. Moreover, most of our consumer goods are made in poor countries, where people have to work for wages that they can barely eat. Time for a better approach.

One way to get us and our workforce out of this vicious circle is to consume less and re-use things. Because the most beautiful things often end up in the garbage or in the attic, a place is needed to make this abundance available. And because the real value of things is often obscured by their price (or exchange value), the best method is to simply give them away.

So a give away shop is a place where nothing is for sale and everything is free. A give away shop is not a garbage dump, but a place where you can drop off what is too good to throw away and take what you need with you. In a give away shop there is always enough for everyone’s needs, but not enough for everyone’s eagerness.
Do you still have something beautiful or useful left, or do you need something else?

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السبت, 20 أغسطس, 2022 - 14:00 to 18:00


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Joe's Garage
Pretoriusstraat 43
1092 EZ Amsterdam

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Train station Amsterdam Muiderpoort, 10 minutes walk --- Metro station Wibaustraat, 15 minutes walk --- Tram 19 or Bus 41, Bus/tramhalte: Oostpoort, 1 minute walk


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بدأ جوز نشاطه كمركز اجتماعي وسياسي محتل ومستقل منذ عام 2005. إنه ملتقى للجميع في حي ترانسفال الواقع شرق أمستردام، سواء أكانوا من المنخرطين في مشهد الاحتلال أم لا. لا يحصل جوز على أي إعانات مالية، ولا يتوخى الربح، ويعتمد اعتماداً تاماً على التنظيم الذاتي والعمل التطوعي.


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من أكتوبر 2022
الإثنين: 19:00 مطبخ شعبي
الثلاثاء: 13:00 – 15:30 سوق مجاني
الثلاثاء: 19:00 – 20:30 استشارات حول الاحتلال في شرق أمستردام
‫الخميس‬: 19:00 مطبخ شعبي
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الأحد: 20:30 فيلم ليلة
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مرتان في الشهر يوم الاربعاء، من 18:00 حتى الساعة 22:00 مقهى الوكيل