Why Radar?

Many of the activities in the alternative scene take place on a voluntary and irregular base. A major disadvantage of this is that not everybody who is interested in this sort of activities can find their way easily. As a result, there is an extra treshold to enjoy cheap movies, concert, discussion, vegetarian food and the many other activities organised in the alternative scene. Radar has been put up to lower this knowledge-treshold and to provide a a source of information about these activities.

Radar is a non-commercial project and publishes information about other non-commercial projects. On rare occasions we might publish a commercial event, but only if the person who adds the information thinks it is of great interest. Normally such information is refused. Commercially organised events have enough channels of commnication already. We want to provide a couterpart by serving an easily accessible database where people can add their own information.

Several different groups use radar to display their agenda on their own site. While they update the information in the central database through web-forms, they also update the information on their own site. Through this, the information is also accessible to people who have not visited their own sites yet.

We are permanently looking for people who want to contribute by adding information. If you are interested, pleas contact radar@squat.net.

Thanx for help from a lot of people, including those from Stressfaktor, OCCII, the Overtoom 301, ACU and off course [squat!net].