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Wednesday 22 August
Cinema: Elevator to the Gallows ELEVATOR TO THE GALLOWS 1958
(Ascenseur pour l'échafaud)
Directed by Louis Malle
87 minutes
In French with English subtitles

This is the directorial début of director Louis Malle (Au Revoir, Les Enfants), made when he was only 25 years old, which features perhaps the greatest jazz soundtrack of all time (by trumpeter Miles Davis). The film is a noirish thriller which follows the labyrinthine story of businessman Julien who is in love with a married woman, Florence (Jeanne Moreau). He decides to kill her husband, but after he commits the murder (which he sets up to look like a suicide) he finds himself stuck in an elevator, and therefore missing the appointment he had with Florence. That's the beginning point of the film, and it just shoots off in radically different directions from there.

The sizzling soundtrack adds to both the loneliness and the tautness, and actress Jeanne Moreau (Jules & Jim, La notte, and La Femme Nikita) shines in her first major role. A richly atmospheric film, with a tense storyline, and roaming camerawork that beautifully captures Paris in the 50s.
As one critic put it: "The movie skilfully fuses Hitchcockian suspense with intimate psychodrama. As she stalks through the night, Moreau is a vision of tortured heartbreak, her woeful eyes and lush, sensuous lips illuminated by neon signs and baleful streetlamps. This is pure cinematic pleasure, visual beauty fused with taut, edge-of-your-seat storytelling."

Spuistraat 199
(not the small door to the houses upstairs but the large garage door to the left)
Doors open at 20.30, film starts at 21:00
Entrance: Free
opens at: 21:00
price: free entrance
De Slang
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The Snakehouse has been squatted since March 6, 1983 and derives its name from the brightly painted Snake mural on the facade of the building. The mural was designed by Patries van Elsen in 1987, and painted by the residents.

Currently there are ten residents in the building, of which nine are creative professionals working in the cultural sector. This sector is also suffering significant funding cuts in the current political climate.

The City council has repeatedly stated the importance of creative initiatives and workspaces for artists and creatives in the inner city. They are working on temporary work places in the city through what is called a broedplaats (breeding place), but are still reluctant to provide a place for artists to live. The residents of the Snakehouse have created an efficient working and living space with shared practical facilities and joint maintenance of the property. Since the building was squatted in 1983, the residents have been working to try and get a legal status and recognition of the need for living and working space under one roof!

The current owner, Housing Association "de Key", purchased the Snakehouse, as a component of the "Tabak" Blocks. The current residents have had limited opportunities to participate in the development of the plans as offered by the current owner. Their plans include only commercial use of the ground floor, one or two person apartments for the higher income segment of the market and a parking garage underground, with parking spaces for sale.

We believe there is no account of the historical and cultural value of the buildings on the Spuistraat and the inhabitants of the Tobacco blocks. Social housing, working where you live, creative springboards and initiatives and a colorful streetview, are swept straight off the table by de Key.

Our goal is to continue to stimulate discussion about the development of this part of the Spuistraat with the current residents, the community, de Key and the City Council in Amsterdam. To host these discussions we offer theuse of our ground floor space "De Slang"
opening hours:
Every wednesday, Blue Rascal Cinema, 20:30, free entrance
offline: Spuistraat 199
1012 VN Amsterdam
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