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Wednesday 18 July
The End of Magic "The End of Magic"
Drawings and installation by China based Greek artist Marianna Ignataki

Opening on Saurday July 14th 16:00-22:00
Open July 15th + 16th 15:00-18:00
And open 17th-20th by appointment

Look at our website or write for more information.

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On Marianna Ignatakiís Work

By Zandie Brockett

Sexual and surreal, Marianna Ignatakiís works on paper exude fantastical ideas of life and the self upon confronting the stagnancies of our present day world. Working primarily with color pencil, Ignatakiís facility with this graphite medium enables her to photo-realistically enter a subliminal world, one filled with symbolic images of her own mythology. Consumed by the psycho-emotional, specifically loneliness, helplessness, agony, passivity and despair, she frequently uses women or mythically created, deviant forms of the female self to play protagonist in a magic and ritual filled sphere. Given the occultism that fills each of her drawn works, it is only fit that symmetry and geometry play an integral role in her quest to identify and release the emotions of her own mythology into the world which she contextualizes herself.

Entering into the realm of performance and ready-made-object installations, Ignataki brings her mystical world into a realist realm, one that can be experienced and touched, so to bring the self deeper into the throws of a personal lore.

Zandie Brockett is an independent curator.

Beijing, June 2012.

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OUTPOST Project Space
Jan Tooropstraat 35
opens at: 16:00
price: free entrance
OUTPOST Project Space
[ view all events at OUTPOST Project Space ]
Outpost is a squatted artist run exhibition space in Slootervaart, a suburb of Amsterdam
The house will be demolished in a not so near future to make space for the same house with one more floor.
In the mean time we will do our best to share the space with you by organizing art exhibitions, film nights, dinners etc.
Hope to see you around!
offline: Jan Tooropstraat 35
1062 BK Amsterdam
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