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Saturday 30 June
REBEL UP! SOUNDCLASH -w/ ALVARIUS B. (US) + REBEL UP! DJ'S ALVARIUS B (US, Alan Bishop of Sun City Girls & Sublime Frequencies) + REBEL UP! CREW
Alvarius B. is the solo acoustic guitar/singer-songwriter alias of Alan Bishop, a major player/seminal figure of the American underground – a founding member of Sun City Girls and the Sublime Frequencies record label. This solo project sees Alan unbalance and entertain using a twisted song cycle blend of humour, politics and heartbreak with melodies old, broken and new – a lethal cocktail for the senses.

Press Quotes

“Like Sun City Girls and fellow alter ego, Uncle Jim, Alvarius B is an enigma with elements of sociopathy and a deft collusion of the beautiful, the musically sublime and the sarcastically, hilariously caustic. The latest Alvarius B record, Baroque Primitiva, especially highlights this, and is perhaps Bishop’s most heart-on-the-sleeve declaration of love for Ennio Morricone. Maybe that love typifies the delicious contradictions in Bishop’s work – Morricone was capable of some hauntingly moving reveries, and those very reveries often provided the soundtrack to cinematic bloodfests” - Tusk Festival

“Bishop is drawn to the hair-raising potential of the human voice, and to music’s potential to take you somewhere other than where you are. He has the rare set of pipes that can negotiate Morricone’s octave-spanning wordless melodies without shame, and he’s uninhibited enough to impart the implied dualities and complexities that make Morricone’s themes so indelible. You want femininity and masculinity rolled into one, or disconsolate longing dancing with ridiculously gleeful preening? Al’s your man” - Dusted

opens at: 22:00
price: 7,-
OCCII - Binnenpret
[ view all events at OCCII - Binnenpret ]

Concerts, punk and/or hardcore, alternative, reggae, dub, experimental, anything non-top 40

And of course a children's programme...

“Occii (Independent Cultural Centre)… former squat… more than just a place… 
It’s about people who work there – all are volunteers, all they do is so unique and 
genuine, without the money making stink… creating a scene for not only punk rock, but first & and foremost independent, non-profit, non-commercial music… bands 
from all around the world playing here… concerts, underground shows, films, 
and more… kids programs, workshops, theatre… More places like that and the world will be better place to live… word!...” —- Mr. Gordonsky

“Kicking globalization in the nuts,
the OCCII manages to bring together all the 
dissident voices of music from the four 
corners of the globe. The underground has 
never had a better venue.”

“OCCII has managed to secure its legal status and now runs as a perfectly 
legitimate squat with an extensive cultural community centre. But its squatty 
birthmark has sealed its underground, independent, free DNA forever. OCCII is a 
success story of a squat, which, having fought with the (real estate) powers of modernity made it through the wilderness of police brutality, only to prove that communal, social activity can produce something good, something that is not owned by anyone else but us, the people. Transmitting fierce music and art, 
the OCCII continues to break down rotten boundaries, for the sake of everyone.”
— Nikko Koulousios,
offline: Amstelveenseweg 134
1075XL Amsterdam
tram 2 or 6, highway A10 exit S106 or S107
fon: +31-20-6717778
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