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Wednesday 02 May
Lecture "Women in Mexico" - 3 indigenous women tell the stories of their lifes. There is Hermelina, who picks coffee and is looking for a wife for her son. Then there is Elía who has been working at at dry cleaner's all her life until her daughter makes her join a program for translators to indigenous languages. And then there is María who moved to a zapatista community when she was a child. Not only did she take part in the local struggle for running water, she also taught herself how to be a midwife. Lecture in English with Vokü at 9 pm.
opens at: 21:00
price: free entrance
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Hort der gepflegten Langeweile
opening hours:
Mo 21:00 FrauenLesbenTrans*Bar

Di 21:00 ABC-Solitresen

Mi 15:00 Jazz-Café

Mi 22:00 Jam Session

2. Do im Monat Queer-o-matik

3. Do im Monat BerTa-Solitresen

Fr 22:00 abwechselnd Punkrocktresen und Mottosoliparties

So 20:00 Filmabend


jeden Di + Mi 21:00 (vegan)

jeden 1.+3. Do 20:00 (vegan)

jeden So 20:30 (vegan)
offline: Liebigstr. 34
10247 Berlin
U-Bhf. Frankfurter Tor
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