Tuesday 28 October
Cine Interzone: Night of the Demon NIGHT OF THE DEMON 1957
Directed by Jacques Tourneur
95 minutes
In English

Director Jacques Tourneur (the original Cat People, I Walked with a Zombie) is best known for his amazing use of giving power to the unseen... his films gain their creepiness from what is hidden. In this way, the "demon" or "evil" is connected deeply with our imagination. It's a magical art, and Tourneur is an absolute wizard of it.

Of all the films that Tourneur made in his lifetime, there are about five which particularly stand out as classics, and this movie certainly belongs to that group. Night of the Demon concerns American psychologist John Holden (Dana Andrews) who arrives in London to participate in a symposium about witchcraft, but being American, he only believes in rational science (maybe also UFOs) and dismisses any idea of the occult. His plan is to arrive at the conference and expose devil-worshipping as a sham.... and in particular his aim is to denounce popular occultist Julian Karswell as a fraud. Then suddenly the leader of the symposium dies under mysterious circumstances, which then kicks the film into new territory.

That's the set-up of this haunting film created by one of Europe's finest directors. This film is a bona fide cult classic, and I should also note that a sound sample from this film (uttered by an entranced medium during a seance) was used by Kate Bush to open her song, "The Hounds of Love."

This will be a high-definition projection.
opens at: 20:30
price: 3,-
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