Tuesday 04 November
Cine Interzone: Brink of Life BRINK OF LIFE 1958
(Nära livet)
Directed by Ingmar Bergman
82 minutes
In Swedish with English subtitles

A fascinating early film by the great Swedish director Ingmar Bergman, and one which has hardly ever been shown in the cinema for the last 50 years. Of all of his unseen early films, this one stands out as a the gem, with piercing acting and a compelling storyline. It's a riveting journey into the lives of three women who meet in a maternity ward, each with their own view on motherhood. Cecilia has had a miscarriage... a harrowing and traumatic experience for her. Hjördis has attempted a failed abortion to get rid of her unwanted child, and Stina is enamoured and joyous with her upcoming birth.

These three women, each with different backgrounds and experiences, find themselves on the same ward for 24 hours, and share their inner lives. As they reveal their pasts, tragedy unites them in their struggle to find a path through life, overcoming both psychological and physical obstacles. Made directly after "Wild Strawberries" this is a small and overlooked, but crucial entry into the director's visionary oeuvre. And like I said, this will be a very rare screening of the this early masterpiece.

Winner of the Best Director Award at the Cannes film festival when it was released, but since then has been utterly forgotten. Since it's Tuesday at Cavia, that means this will be a high definition projection.
opens at: 20:30
price: 3,-
Filmhuis Cavia
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offline: van Hallstraat 52 1hoog
1051 HH Amsterdam
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