Monday 22 December
Cinemanita: Whistle Down the Wind WHISTLE DOWN THE WIND 1961
Directed by Bryan Forbes
94 minutes
In English with English subtitles

Based on a novel by Mary Hayley Bell, this film has turned out to be a haunting gem from the early 60s, which has strangely been almost totally forgotten about. It's a shame, since the film is both piercing and magical, and deserves to be recognized as one of the masterpieces of British cinema. It centers on a young girl called Kathy (14-year-old Hayley Mills) who one day discovers a wounded man (Alan Bates) in the family barn. She interprets his appearance as the second coming of Jesus Christ, although actually he is a criminal that is being hunted down by the law. I'm not giving away any of the plot here, this is just the set up for this wickedly charming film... an example of British New Wave realism fused with imagination.

Before there were computers and mobile phones, children use to be set free in the streets and countryside. They created their own groups and their own worlds. That now seems to be a freedom long gone, since parents are afraid, afraid, afraid... and would rather stick their kid in front of a television or a computer screen. Where I live, the Jordaan, only 25 years ago was overflowing with children all over in the streets. This previous world, where children were free to create with their own unfettered imaginations, is one of the things which is so beautifully captured in this delirious movie.

Directed by Bryan Forbes (the original Stepford Wives) and starring Alan Bates in his first major role, Whistle Down the Wind has a wonderfully enchanting mood, a razor-sharp script and a haunting soundtrack by Malcolm Arnold. Another forgotten gem.

opens at: 20:30
price: 3,-
Thursday 08 January
Nutty Anita's Comedy Night- Try Out Lounge Edition
Open mike edition of Amsterdam's favourite comedy night. Line up full.

Last edition was epic and featured headliner Marcel Lucont. Next one in February is a one year celebration since the event's start as benefit for Theaterstraat
opens at: 20:30
price: 5,-
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