Monday 01 December
Cinemanita: Foxy Brown FOXY BROWN (1974)
Directed by Jack Hill
94 minutes
In English

Actually this movie was supposed to be the sequel to the hip blaxsploitation hit Coffy, but because of legal problems the title had to be changed at the last minute. Like the first movie, Foxy Brown stars a dynamite Pam Grier at the height of her powers, and is directed with suave intelligence by the greatly underrated Jack Hill. In this journey sassy Pam Grier plays a voluptuous black woman who takes a job as a prostitute in order to infiltrate the mob and get revenge on the guys who murdered her undercover-agent boyfriend.

It was in these black-power movies from the 1970s that Pam Grier helped to re-define the role of women from a obedient housewife into a powerful social force to be reckoned with.... and she didn't do it only with fighting, she did it also with style. The original poster declared: “She's brown sugar and spice, but if you don't treat her nice she'll put you on ice!” The soundtrack produced by Willie Hutch is fierce and blistering- with even two of the numbers later being released by Motown.

"Pam Grier was given the role of a lifetime as the street-smart yet intensely sexy Foxy, modelling a stupendously varied range of Seventies threads while righteously kicking villainous white butt at every opportunity. She's also given sterling support from Antonio Huggy Bear Fargas as her no-good younger brother and a memorably funky soundtrack. It's clear that Quentin Tarantino is a huge fan: he cast Grier in the title role of his direct homage Jackie Brown."

This will be a dynamic high-definition projection.
opens at: 20:30
price: 3,-
Thursday 04 December
Nutty Anita's Comedy Night! - Edition Gauloise with Marcel Lucont 11th edition of Amsterdam's favourite alternative comedy night

headliner is the celebrated Marcek Lucont- superb!

With Minousky Menkveld and Wouter Monden

Hosted by Maestro of the Underground Ken Parsons with his trademark mix of daft headtrips and even dafter songs.

get there early!!
opens at: 20:30
price: 5,-
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