Thursday 24 April
HALSHUG (dk) + THE SHINING + TENSE REACTION HALSHUG Raw hardcore from Copenhagen.


Dark hardcore with hints of crust and D-beat popping up here and there, songs are fast and short!

Halshug-Demo tape 2012
Halshug come from Copenhagen, Denmark and deliver five songs of dark and crusty hardcore in their demo which was self-released in September 2012 and comes in tape format, only 50 copies were made apart from this tape they appeared in the KBH 2013 Compilation tape by contributing two songs. The cover artwork is unusual but don’t stay away because of this: Music wise they bring dark hardcore with hints of crust and D-beat popping up here and there, songs are fast and short and sound quality is decent, there are not song titles but numbering from I to V, all and all this is a good demo, it delivers the goods and wins the listener.
opens at: 20:30
price: 7,-
Friday 25 April
IAN NAGOSKI (us, “100 Moons: Stories of Great Forgotten Musicians and the Bound IAN NAGOSKI returns to Europe for another series of his hypnotic interactive lectures on disappearing music of the 20th Century, this time with an exploration entitled “100 Moons: Stories of Great Forgotten Musicians and the Boundaries of Humanness from 78rpm Records”.

Ian Nagoski’s label Canary Records (pressed and distributed by Mississippi Records) reissues early 20th century recordings in languages other than English. In the past year, he has published acclaimed collections of Hindustani classical vocal music (100 Moons and Kesarbai Kerkar 1944-54), Greek urban folk music (Rita Abatzi – 1933-37), the Austro-Hungarian Empire (Widow’s Joy: Eastern European Immigrant Dances, 1925-30), and published writing in Yeti, Sound American, Ephemerotera Quarterly and The Wire.

Canary’s Bandcamp site was compared favorably by Damon Krukowski in Pitchfork to Revenant Records and Jack White’s Third Man label, and Nagoski’s deep views on music and recording caused Krukowski to compare him to Harry Smith, just as Marcus Boon also did in the Wire. In recent years, he also published compilations on the Dust-to-Digital (Black Mirror: Reflections in Global Musics) and Tompkins Square (To What Strange Place: Music of the Ottoman-American Diaspora) labels. Nagoski’s work is now highly regarded, with high profile admirers ranging from DJ/rupture to Henry Rollins, and you can also still read several interview with and articles by him from 2013 at the Sound American site.

‘Lecture’ may seem too formal a term for something so immersive and transporting as one of Ian’s 90-minute explorations of the disappearing music he unearths and its social/cultural roots and routes. Ian shares his love of his findings both in words and by listening to and discussing various carefully chosen shellac gems with you.

“His work is so rare and important that it should almost be treated as a ritual object, a pathway to the past and a voice for ghosts of a forgotten part of American musical history.” – Nate Wooley, Sound American

“Nagoski is a Walter Benjamin visionary, using his collection of 78s to hallucinate a history that actually happened but which remains hidden beneath official dogma and nationalisms.” – Marcus Boon, the Wire

“…as essential to an understanding of American music as anything else.” – Amanda Petrusich, Pitchfork

Debut tour for Cian Nugent & The Cosmos from Ireland; a 5 piece band (guitar, bass, viola, drums, organ) lead by guitar player Cian Nugent, performing material from/based on his album ‘Born With The Caul’ on No Quarter Records, just came out this November 12th.

After exploring the acoustic guitar on his 2011 album “Doubles “, VHF Records, which was acclaimed by the likes of Pitchfork ( ) and The Wire “(…) Nugent has: already mastered dynamics, articulation and tone. He introduces each new melody and change of emotional tenor at precisely the right moment to keep you on the edge with him”, with “Born with Caul”, Cian has now moved to electric, where he is equally stunning; and his music has enrichened with Blues, Country and Psych Rock influences.
opens at: 20:30
price: 0,5
Tuesday 29 April
ENSEMBLE ECONOMIQUE (us) + AUN (can) ENSEMBLE ECONOMIQUE (Not Not Fun / Denovali, US) + AUN (Denovali, CAN)

Ensemble Economique is the solo project of the American musician Brian Pyle (Starving Weirdos).

The output of the Californian outsider is vast – in 2013 alone, he presented half a dozen new publications. Of those, the remarkable Fever Logic LP should be specifically mentioned: This record, which was published by Not Not Fun, represents a mile stone in Pyle’s oeuvre and is the best example of his independent work between the poles of experimental drone and pop. References to cosmic music and borrowings from shoegaze fade away into hazy oblivion: leaving nothing but blurry traces.

The Canadian duo Support Aun seems to come from a similar musical direction: different layers and levels become more and more sparse, only now and then light and fluently pulsating rhythms emerge. In between those, something like a narrative seems to take form.
opens at: 20:30
price: 6,-
Saturday 03 May
Haunted Science Amsterdam’s 1st birthday! -w/ PAUL BLACKOUT (aus) + SILVAHFONK + It’s been one year since we started Haunted Science in Amsterdam, so we thought it would be a good idea to celebrate! The 7th edition, our 1st birthday, we take over OCCII until 4am! We have invited Paul Blackout all the way from Sydney, Australia! Paul runs Hardline Recordings and is well known for hard and dark drum and bass, with various releases on Bloody Fist and Killing sheep. He will make his first appearance in Amsterdam since 2007, exclusively for Haunted Science!

Joining Blackout we have invited local legend Silvahfonk! An Ichione resident, known for impeccable mixing and energetic dj sets, with releases on Demand Records, Break-Fast Audio, CX Digital and Soundium X, which have gained support from DJ Hype, Dieselboy, Doc Scott, Loxy, Klute, LTJ Bukem, Nymfo, Madcap, Fre4knc and Adi J.

Entry 3 € before 23:00 7 € after

Full line up:

Paul Blackout (Hardline / Bloody Fist)
Silvahfonk (CX Digital / Ichione)
Defucto (Haunted Science)
Enorme (Haunted Science)
Spud (Cheeky Monday)
opens at: 22:00
price: 7,-
Saturday 17 May
PLEASURE LEFTISTS (us) + CRIMEN (mx) + SLOW WORRIES Adrenalin Addiction presents:



Female fronted dark moody punk/post-punk with members of 9 Shocks Terror. Think of Siouxsie and the Banshees/Terrible Feelings. Deranged just put out their 2nd 12″.


Mexican punx, new LP out soon on Discos Enfermos, Discos MMM and Dogma Destroyer!


One of their first shows, this a new Amsterdam based all star band w/ members of Bullerslug, Pony Pack, Dusty Blinds and NewYX. What else.., can’t wait!


more tbc
opens at: 21:00
price: 7,-
Sunday 18 May
[ттøтε] AKTION I -w/ BLACK LEATHER JESUS (usa) + CON-DOM (uk) + BRUT (uk) + SV тhe тide øf тhe εnd presents: [ттøтε] AKTION I


The first [ттøтε] AKTION features a diverse line-up of harsh noise and power electronics artists showcasing all sides of the spectrum.

|| BRUT (UK)



Texas cult harsh noise group since 1989. The group was founded by Richard Ramirez whose well known for his other projects like Werewolf Jerusalem. They utilize sheet metal/found objects with minimal electronic equipment. Theme centred around the gay leather scene. This is BLJ’s first European tour.


Power electronics pioneer. Con-Dom stands for Control-Domination, and is the one-man industrial noise band of Mike Dando. Con-Dom explores any kind of social tensions and control: political, religious, racial, with an acid, violent and uncompromising attitude. He is well-known in the industrial scene for his furious ravaging vocals and the devastating live performances.

|| BRUT (UK)

BRUT has a smell. A body. A vagina. A mind. BRUT has a picture. A reflection. An interface. BRUT is strong and angry. BRUT is restless and manic. BRUT is political. Feministic. BRUT has a voice. It consumes and pukes out. BRUT is alcohol poisoning. A prescription drug. BRUT! Neither in or out. BRUT bleeds and shits and pisses. BRUT is outraged. It hates! BRUT is YOU as much as it is ME. BRUT does not vote, pay taxes or interact. BRUT breathes. Despises stupidity. BRUT is never satisfied. BRUT is hungry! BRUT is an entity I will give you. So you can see what BRUT wants you to see. BRUT does not believe in war or in peace.



Svartvit is a Dutch project that breaches the gap between harsh noise sound experimentation and performance art. The result is a very personal and emotional presentation of a troubled mind, overtaking and often physical. Part of the full Black Leather Jesus tour. Harsh noise violence.


Purging Light is quite a new name in the scene that I’m very enthusiastic about. This duo presents a straight forward mixture of power electronics and harsh noise. Members are currently residing in Anrhem and Berlin.


Zyrtax is the industrial noise project of Johnny van de Koolwijk, who also runs Dead Mind Records. In the past Zyrtax has collaborated with some well known projects like Goverment Alpha and Contagious Orgasm.



20:00 DOORS
20:15 – 20:40 ZYRTAX
20:50 – 21:10 PURGING LIGHT
21:20 – 21:40 SVARTVIT
21:50 – 22:20 BRUT
22:30 – 23:10 CON-DOM
00:00 – ??????? DJ SVARTVIT



Tickets are 7 euros, they will be available at the doors or can be bought in pre-sale at

opens at: 20:00
price: 7,-
Friday 23 May
CONDOMINIUM (us) + WHITE SLICE + CHEAP DRUGS (be) Adrenalin Addiction presents:



Hardcore/punk and mutated, art-damaged heaviness.
Their last 7″ just came out in spring on SubPop.
Think early Butthole Sufers/Flipper.





More info soon!
opens at: 21:00
price: see text
Friday 30 May

The Amsterdam Autonomous Queer Festival also known as Queeristan is ready for a new year! From May 29 until June 1 2014, Amsterdam will open its doors for a weekend of fabulous queer, trans, feminist politics. The festival is committed to and created by the communities in which we move, love, live and breathe.

Enough of mainstream gay and lesbian politics! Let’s create radical spaces that are trans and queer positive and are welcoming to differently abled bodies and beings. Spaces to think about transformative justice and decolonial projects; Gender non-conforming childhoods; Pro-migration and anti-border struggles; Anti-racist practice and thought; Precarity; Sex work; Postporn and eroticism; And everything in-between and inside-out.

With the support of the city’s squatter movement we will build an open, free-access laboratory for queer, trans, feminist liberation. The festival will take place in a new location that is wheelchair accessible and has running water!

You have a workshop you always wanted to create? Fantastic queer, trans, feminist artworks and videos? A hot, intense, political, sexy and/or emotional performance? Smooth lyrics and a sweet sound? Please submit your proposal by March 30 to

We are already looking forward to reading your proposals of dissent, pleasure and resistance,

Proposal guidelines:

Let us know a bit about you and what you want to do.

What medium is it? (e.g. performance, installation, workshop, band?)

Any special equipment, space, or other needs? (e.g. a projector, microphone, pillows, brave participants, translators, etc)

Estimated time required (min and max).

Coming from out of town, need housing? We need to know this far in advance.

Keep in mind that the festival is a vegan space (for workshops, performances, and artworks please find substitutes for non-vegan products like feathered boas, dairy products, honey, etc)

Optional: Include a relevant image if you have it (we love visuals!)

Under 500 words, please

Queeristan is an autonomous, DIY and DIT (do it together) festival, based on voluntary work and is completely dependent on donations. We cannot offer any compensation for performance or workshop logistics. However, we might be able to make a symbolic contribute towards your travel costs.

opens at: 20:00
price: see text
Wednesday 04 June
HYSTERICS (us) + SHOPPING (uk) Adrenalin Addiction presents:



All girl hc/punk from Olympia!

from Pitchfork;

One of the most essential hardcore EPs of late came from Hysterics, a fierce Olympia band led by 23-year-old Stephie C.– a whiplash-speed screamer who asks profound questions in brutal form. “Take a good fucking look at the world you live in!” Cristol roars on that 7″, which mixed personal and political messages without pretense. A Hysterics song can resist sexism or explore the complexity of being conscious among the toxicity of modern corporate brainwash. Their band logo evolves the Black Flag icon into a row of bloody tampons. One of their local fans, K Records founder Calvin Johnson, called them “a musical cement-mixer [that] can’t be stopped, pulled apart, or dismissed.” When I spoke with Kathleen Hanna last year, she said her favorite new bands were Pussy Riot, Wild Flag, and Hysterics.

The blurred blast of “Outside In” rips open the band’s new EP, Can’t I Live. “Get me out of this body/ Get me out of this world,” Cristol shrieks, a thrashing message of discontent that I am surely slighting by not typing in all-caps. “Outside In” tackles generational distraction and disconnect, the voids of disengagement they find plaguing us all. Hysterics’ sound is just as savage as any of the best hardcore today without succumbing to its prevailing tendency towards nihilism, something Cristol spoke about with the website YellowGreenRed. “All trends come and go,” Cristol said. “Widespread injustice will still be there when the trend is over.


Shopping includes members of some of our favourite bands: Trash Kit, Wetdog and Cover Girl.

“If you had to describe your music in 3 words, which words would you choose and why?

Punk because that word is still the best way to describe our ethos, funk because the bass just makes you gyrate, and … riffalicious?”

opens at: 20:30
price: 6,-
Saturday 14 June
NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS (us) + INFERNÖH (se) + NOMAD (us) + CRACKED UP Adrenalin Addiction and Gummopunx Records presents:

“I just want to play punk rock, drink coffee, get a tan, do push-ups and get rad… You can fucking quote me on that.”

Infernöh is Jonas, Jonas, Jona and Pancho.

A new all female punk band from Amsterdam.
opens at: 21:00
price: 7,-
Thursday 19 June
GIRL BAND (ir) GIRL BAND (Any Other City, Dublin)

After a riotous performance in January, demonic Dublin post-punks Girl Band return to Amsterdam and the Subbacultcha! roster. Back then they’d already scored acclaim from the likes of The Guardian for managing to cut through the banal dross of contemporary rock with their searing guitar effects and tightly focused aggression. Their cover of horror-techno DJ Blawan’s ‘Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage’ had already proved their rare grasp of musics both modern and post-punk period. Since, their untitled 2014 EP (available for free download on their bandcamp, above) has boasted a pair of thrilling monstrosities to prove there’s more boundary-smashing in store for these unwavering iconoclasts.
opens at: 20:30
price: 7,-
Friday 27 June

For more than 25 years, the Spermbirds have been one of Europe`s finest and best known Hardcore bands. While many of their old musical companions vanished long ago, the Spermbirds prove with their 8th studio longplayer “A Columbus Feeling” (release date: 3. September) that they are still alive and kicking – and that they haven’t lost their ability to broaden their musical horizon with every album. While sticking to their basics – intelligent hardcore and punkrock with catchy melodies, driving rythms and sarcastic/ironic yet intelligent lyrics – they again make their record sound different than the seven previous ones. New instruments (including even a banjo!), new sounds and musical directions are integrated into the band’s musical basics. “A Columbus Feeling” is the result of two and a half decades of musical experience.

What has happened in the last few years? In 2004, the last album “Set an Example” had documented the impressive comeback of the band´s original lineup. There were concerts all over Europe, a South Africa tour, the first Spermbirds-DVD “Me and my People” and as the latest highlight – an Australian Tour last year. Prior to this tour, the band had started to write and rehearse songs for a new album. The band took it’s time, knowing that their best records always resulted from a huge pool of songs to choose from. The best of them were then selected for “A Columbus Feeling” – and what a selection we have! There are classic punkrock-numbers like “Meet me in the Middle” with a catchy singalong-hookline in the chorus. There is classic Spermbirds stuff like “Try and stop us” or “Stacks and Piles”, but there are also examples of the bands newly achieved musical maturity. The title song “Columbus Feeling” for example, with it’s strong influence of country and blues. “Honestly” with its dark groove also adds a new layer to the bands musical portfolio. “Black in a Rainbow” has the hymn-like touch that recalls early Spermbirds classics like “Try again” in a modern environment. The whole record is full of new influences, and of a fresh spirit. Come on board when the Spermbirds explore new musical horizons. Experience with them the “Columbus Feeling”.
opens at: 21:00
price: 7,-
OCCII - Binnenpret
[ view all events at OCCII - Binnenpret ]

Concerts, punk and/or hardcore, alternative, reggae, dub, experimental, anything non-top 40

And of course a children's programme...

“Occii (Independent Cultural Centre)… former squat… more than just a place… 
It’s about people who work there – all are volunteers, all they do is so unique and 
genuine, without the money making stink… creating a scene for not only punk rock, but first & and foremost independent, non-profit, non-commercial music… bands 
from all around the world playing here… concerts, underground shows, films, 
and more… kids programs, workshops, theatre… More places like that and the world will be better place to live… word!...” —- Mr. Gordonsky

“Kicking globalization in the nuts,
the OCCII manages to bring together all the 
dissident voices of music from the four 
corners of the globe. The underground has 
never had a better venue.”

“OCCII has managed to secure its legal status and now runs as a perfectly 
legitimate squat with an extensive cultural community centre. But its squatty 
birthmark has sealed its underground, independent, free DNA forever. OCCII is a 
success story of a squat, which, having fought with the (real estate) powers of modernity made it through the wilderness of police brutality, only to prove that communal, social activity can produce something good, something that is not owned by anyone else but us, the people. Transmitting fierce music and art, 
the OCCII continues to break down rotten boundaries, for the sake of everyone.”
— Nikko Koulousios,
offline: Amstelveenseweg 134
1075XL Amsterdam
tram 2 or 6, highway A10 exit S106 or S107
fon: +31-20-6717778
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