Friday 03 October
Soliparty "Another Step over the Wall". Migrants fight for freedom of movement and societal participation. In reaction to this struggle they face structural and everyday racism as well as state repression. This causes financial costs for lawyers, accommodation, and day-to-day livelihood. Come and celebrate with us Another Step over the Wall and support us to cover the expenses. [www=] Eintritt: Spende.
opens at: 22:00
price: donations welcome
Saturday 11 October
Soliparty Procrastinators United #7. Bleiberechts-Soli-Techno-Party. So­lan­ge gegen diese ras­sis­ti­sche Ge­sell­schaft po­li­tisch kein all­ge­mei­nes Blei­be­recht durch­ge­setzt wer­den kann, müs­sen in­di­vi­du­el­le Wege ge­fun­den wer­den. Ei­ni­ge wol­len wir mit un­se­rer Party fi­nan­zi­ell un­ter­stüt­zen. [www=]
Line-Up: -IAAC- (://about blank, Strom­per­len), Dip Deep (Deep House), Bill Belen (Mu­si­c-Vi­deo DJ), Prin­zess-o-mat (Pro­cras­ti­na­tors United).
opens at: 23:00
price: not specified
Saturday 25 October
Soliparty Soliparty for the right to stay! Organized by ASG (Another Soli Group). Party starts at 9, DJs begin from 10. Chill out area with music, zines, hand-made books, DIY T-shirts, vegan cupcakes, cocktails. Music in the basement: 6zm (sonic tales of electronic fusion), Tareth (drum and bass), more...
opens at: 21:00
price: not specified
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