Friday 24 October
Info + Diskussion Der Anti-Sanktions-Kampffonds für den Widerstand gegen Sanktionen. Wir erklären, was der Fonds macht, unter welchen Bedingungen ihr bei einer Sanktion Geld bekommen könnt und wie es zur Gründung des Fonds gekommen ist. Wir freuen uns auf die anschließende Diskussion.
opens at: 19:00
price: free entrance
Friday 31 October
Info "Feminism and union organizing". How can our unions deal better with womens issues, both in the work place, and in the organizing work? Since the beginning, unions have been male dominated, even in sectors where a majority of the workers are women. Patriarchy, sexism and male-domination for sure runs in our unions as well- the good thin is that we can work together do something about it. SAC syndikalisterna is a proclaimed feminist union since 1998. Come and listen to how they work with the issues. How can women support each other to make the union theirs? How can men work together to end male dominance and sexist? Learn more how we can build a union that is better for everyone.
opens at: 19:00
price: free entrance
Saturday 01 November
Discussion How can we use the workplace as a platform for antifascism? We spend a huge amount of our time at work. Depending on what we do, we often meet a lot of people - People that doesn't necessarily share our views on things. For example when it comes to racism, and fascist opinions. How can we deal with it? Making the workplace safe for everyone? Together challenge racist colleagues? Taking the initiative to present our viewpoints? How can unions give their members tools to raise the issues in the workplace? It's time to promote internationalism on a bigger scale again.
opens at: 15:00
price: free entrance
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Anarchosyndikalistisches Gewerkschaftslokal der Freien ArbeiterInnen Union (FAU-IAA)
opening hours:
Fr 17:00-20:00 offenes Büro

Fr 17:00-18:00 Sozial- und Arbeitsrechtsberatung der FAU Berlin. In Kooperation mit einem Rechtsanwalt


Allgemeines Syndikat: 2. Mi im Monat 19:00 Vollversammlung

Gewerkschaftliche Beratung: 2. und 4. Fr im Monat 17:00-18:00 (am Besten meldet ihr euch per E-Mail an:

Bildungssyndikat: 1., 3. u. ggf. 5. Mi 20:00

Kultur- u. Mediensyndikat: 1. und 3. Do 20:00

GNNL: letzter Do im Monat 20:00
offline: Lottumstr. 11
10119 Berlin
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fon: 030-28700804
fax: 030-28700813
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