Monday 27 October
Cinemanita: Play Misty for Me PLAY MISTY FOR ME 1971
Directed by Clint Eastwood
102 minutes
In English

This was the first film that Clint Eastwood ever directed, and at the same time he also handles the main role. This is a film about obsession and stalking. Eastwood portrays Dave Garver, late-night radio DJ who starts getting call-in requests from a mysterious woman for an old tune called Misty. Dave is a womanizer, and is coolly jumping from one girl to the next. But when he starts something with an odd woman named Evelyn (who was the listener to his show that was requesting Misty), he finds himself in hot water. He tries to stop the affair, and she comes back with a psychotic vengeance and does everything possible to destroy his life.

This is a piercing film, made about an uneasy subject. The film is beautifully shot in Carmel, on the American west coast... and one of the special things about this movie is the soundtrack since it includes Roberta Flack's sublime and haunting love song "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face". This 70s flick remains an eerie and unusual trip into the dark side of life.

This will be a high-definition projection.
opens at: 20:30
price: 3,-
Thursday 06 November
Nutty Anita's Comedy Night! Fabulous Females Edition! - 10th Edition of Amsterdam's favourite alternative comedy night.

'Maestro of the Underground', Ken Parsons introduces 3 great female comics and a surprise guest

Caroline Clifford from London is pretty much the pixie queen of the Berlin comedy scene. Surreal stuff

Amelia Jane Hunter from Australia is an experienced comedian from the UK circuit

Rima Freeman

Daphne Krijnen is a Dutch clown.

In English.

Show at 2100- get there at 20 30- it gets busy!
opens at: 20:30
price: 5,-
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