Monday 03 November
Cinemanita: The Umbrellas of Cherbourg THE UMBRELLAS OF CHERBOURG (1964)
(Les parapluies de Cherbourg)
Directed by Jacques Demy
95 minutes
In French with English subtitles

Jacques Demy's amazing musical which almost becomes surreal in that every goddamn line in the entire film is sung rather than spoken.... and it's this crazy concept which twists and transforms this average love story into a masterpiece of absolute delirium.

Set on the Normandy coast of France, starring a young Catherine Deneuve, and featuring a brilliant musical score by Michel Legrand containing some of the most memorable tunes in the history of cinema. The set designs are incredible and the color scheme is one of the most beautiful in the history of cinema. This campy movie is a lark... both romantic and absurd at the same time.

This will be a high-definition screening.
opens at: 20:30
price: 3,-
Thursday 06 November
Nutty Anita's Comedy Night! Fabulous Females Edition! - 10th Edition of Amsterdam's favourite alternative comedy night.

'Maestro of the Underground', Ken Parsons introduces 3 great female comics and a surprise guest

Caroline Clifford from London is pretty much the pixie queen of the Berlin comedy scene. Surreal stuff

Amelia Jane Hunter from Australia is an experienced comedian from the UK circuit

Rima Freeman

Daphne Krijnen is a Dutch clown.

In English.

Show at 2100- get there at 20 30- it gets busy!
opens at: 20:30
price: 5,-
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