Radar update, October 2010

Radar http://radar.squat.net/ is a political and cultural on-line agenda covering several European countries since 2000. Radar is a non-commercial network and publishes information about other non-commercial projects. You may announce your events in the agenda yourself. If you don't have a radar login yet, please request one at radar@squat.net. It is your responsibility to announce what you want or not on Radar. The Radar crew is here to provide you with a login, not to put your events on-line. Mailing lists, flyers, posters, zines may inform locals and non-locals about your events. Don't forget to be also visible on-line, on your own website and networks like Radar, not (only) on commercial "social" networks.

"We are everywhere" says the slogan... Radar is also an on-line database, linking a huge network of groups, social centers, non-profit spaces, squats around Europe. You might want people to visit your space, join your struggle, provide support. Make yourself visible on Radar, show you are active. Once your event is on-line, you don't have to do any reminder, you can always modify the content of the event. You may use various languages to announce your events as Radar wants to avoid language barriers.

Here are a few points that may guide you with Radar:

- To put an event on-line, you need a radar login. You lost your login, you want a new one, contact radar@squat.net.

- Do you still want to be visible on Radar or absolutely not? Should Radar erase anything about your location, your social space? Let us know.

- Is the information you provide on Radar accurate? First of all, you select the country or the city of your choice, then you click on 'find locations'. You have now a location list, classified in alphabetical order. Are your opening times correct in that list? In case you moved to a new location, is your address correct?

- Are your events visible in the on-line agenda? By not adding yourself your events, you are simply not visible on this page.

In case, you are doubting Radar can inform about political and cultural events around Europe, check this page listing events 'anything, everywhere'. There might not be everything but be aware that we are doing the necessary to inform all of you and spread to new territories. Any help is welcome!

Sometimes we may hear about a new space when its doors are opening but nothing more until it gets under threat. Don't wait for the last hour to get some support and show what you are doing. Show it on Radar too!

You can filter events on Radar by the country, city, area of your choice, also by the type of events you are looking for. New categories have been added to Radar. If you want to directly access events in your city, you may type your city name in this URL http://radar.squat.net/?q=your_city. You can bookmark 'your_city' or 'your_country' in Radar.

Radar is also a database of locations, social centers, groups active in various countries. You may also list locations in the country, city, area of your choice.

Radar is also offering a printable version, a text file listing events. Select first the country, city, area of your choice, then select 'printer-friendly'. You get directly a calendar with some basic lay out. Something you may print for the board of your social center, for the walls of your neighborhood, for the monthly zine you want to spread in your city.

Linking back Radar is also appreciated. You can do it in various ways. On your own website, you can even add a Radar widget or propose a selection of events published by Radar. Here two examples:
- http://krakenpost.nl/archief/
- http://ksutreg.squat.net/

Watch out with what you are announcing on Radar, not only friends are keeping an eye on it!


New categories added to Radar:

- give away shop / free shop
- squat assistance / KSU
- library
- bookshop
- protest camp

Already existing catgories:

- politics/activism
- parties
- course/workshop
- concerts
- infoshop
- women
- bar/cafe
- movies
- theatre
- queer
- food
- exhibitions
- other